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Kristen Mai Giang – Kids Book Author

Kristen is a Chinese American author who emigrated from Vietnam when she was 18 months old. She grew up in San Gabriel in California, a melting pot of Asian cultures and cuisines. Her books are inspired by the Asian American culture she was surrounded by, which can be seen in her characters.

When not writing, Kristen has spent the past two decades creating Emmy Award-winning kid-targeted interactive content for Disney, PBS Kids Sprout, and Mattel, among others. She is currently developing a K-5 podcast-based interactive learning platform funded by the National Science Foundation.


The Rise (and Falls) of Jackie Chan

Her picture book biography, The Rise (and Falls) of Jackie Chan, was inspired by her childhood in San Gabriel when she would watch Hong Kong movies in the Chinese theater with her family.

Last Flight

Last Flight is her most personal picture book, which tells the story of her family’s escape from Saigon six days before its fall in 1975 on the last commercial flight out.

Debut Picture Book

Kristen’s debut picture book draws from her memories growing up with too many siblings and cousins to count – as well as the antics of her own children and their cousins.

She writes fiction and non-fiction picture books (for kids 2- to 8-years-old), although she plans to write additional genres in the future.